Directly form the truck in the office

The driver sends the scanned documents from the truck with the Scangaroo app directly to the desired mail address. The documents are back at the office within a few minutes and the administration can start to process. An automatically message can be set up in the app to make the messages easier to find. Enter for example, the details for the driver, licence plate or CMR number to easily retrieval. You can also make it compulsory to enter a trip number and/or order number. Set up a filter in your mailbox allows you to easily and automatically sort the documents in your mailbox. In this way information about the loading and unloading is real-time available and easy to process.

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Administration flows

The carrier can quickly pass on the scanned information to the client, the loading address and the unloading address. The direct forwarding of documents has the advantage the logistic administration can be immediately updated. The invoice can even be sent the same day and the administration can be in order quickly.  In addition to the deployment of Scangaroo in transport and logistics, the scan app is also used in other sectors to scan documents directly at location. Many companies have experienced that acceleration administrative flows can lead to better cash flows. This has the biggest advantage that the company becomes more liquid and less likely to go bankrupt!

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