Loskamp Logistics originated from a takeover from a previous transport company. Freddy Borghuis (manager) was asked in 2017 to coordinate a part of the transport activities. Nowadays Loskamp Logistics does a lot of charter work for large transport companies.

Loskamp has a great deal of experience in various disciplines in the logistics chain. Loskamp is specialized in transporting Coils. The transport of these large steel rolls requires specially equipped trailers, expertise, and qualified personnel. In addition to Coils, Loskamp also transports store fittings, building materials, flowers, meat and much more. Loskamp does transport throughout Europe.

Delayed document flows

Due to the international transport of Loskamp, drivers are usually the entire week away from home. This means that the administrative department only receives all relevant documents at the end of the week. This problem explicitly required a solution. Freddy says the following about this:

“Before Scangaroo we always received the bill of loading and daily statements at the end of the week. Then all documents must be scanned before they can be sent to the customer. This takes a lot of time and work and it has to happen quickly because customers are expecting their documents. Sometimes drivers forget important details. This causes an extra delay. It sometimes takes two weeks before we have all the necessary documents. This naturally has consequences for the terms of payment, because the transport documents are required for the customer. Furthermore, I also drive the truck myself. It is, therefore, an extra benefit to do less administrative work at home. Unfortunately, that was not the case in 2017.”

Provide the customer immediately with CMRs

In 2018 Loskamp has the need to provide the customer with all required documents, as quickly as possible. Loskamp decided to distinguish itself from other charters. Loskamp started to provide the customer immediately with the CMR after delivery. After comparing different software solutions, Loskamp found Scangaroo.

“We use a professional TomTom navigation. We preferred the scan app from Tconsult, because it can be installed on our TomTom navigation system. In addition, we chose the Fujitsu document scanner. Because this scanner has a battery and makes a wireless connection with our TomTom. We appreciate the wireless connection the most. Since we use the Scangaroo app, we can immediately provide our customers with the transport documents after delivery. It does not matter where our drivers are, the customer receives a scan.”

Fast integration and direct added value

Loskamp has integrated Scangaroo in just two days. The scanners and Scangaroo licenses were delivered by Tconsult on a Friday. On Monday all drivers hit the road with the scanner installed in the truck. Freddy describes the benefits:

“Our customers give us regularly compliments about the quality of the scans because we send a real scan and not a photo. We also receive a copy of the scan that we send to our customer. In the Scangaroo app, you can easily add the trip number and order number. Because of that, you can easily match the scan with the outstanding order. Scangaroo relieves us in such a way that we save a lot of time in processing the executed transport orders.”