The optimal solution!

With the brand name “Scangaroo” Tconsult developed a sophisticated state-of-the-art Solution. This application is now operational in more than thousand trucks covering multiple countries in Europe. The main challenge to scan on the road is to offer a professional solution with qualitative high-end devices to achieve the best possible result; which is a readable and clear digital scan. We can guarantee this quality with the compact scanners from Canon, Fujitsu and Epson. Scangaroo can be used with various onboard computers or as a stand-alone version with a mobile phone or tablet. Tconsult offers the total solution included with an application and the  necessary hardware such as cables and mobile phones, tablets and even an on-board computer. To protect and extend the life of the document scanner, Tconsult has specially designed a bracket.

Scangaroo in 5 steps

1. Document

The document that needs to be scanned can be any kind of paper document with a size A4 or smaller. Examples of documents are: freight documents, CMR, customs clearance, vouchers, receipts, packaging vouchers, etc.

2. Scan

The document(s) can be scanned in the truck with a high quality / high performance scanner of Canon, Fujitsu or Epson. Settings can be adjusted to the customers requirements. You can set  to  scan in grayscale or in color. You can set to scan single-sided and double-sided.

3. Check

The scanned document will be showed as an image in the Scangaroo app. It is therefore easy to check the scans on accuracy and quality. Has a page not been scanned, or received correctly? Pages can easily be added by scanning an extra page, they are added automatic to the file. In the app you can select the page that did not go right, you can delete it in the app.

4. Send

The scanned document can be send to any preferred e-mail address. Actual sending will take place through the on-board computer or mobile device. It is needed to have an active data connection available.

5. Share

After sending, the document can easily be shared and stored in a digital archive. The document can be processed, changed or retrieved and shared internally and externally to customers.

Tconsult can deliver the Scangaroo application and different hardware like cables and brackets.