Wie is Epson ?

Epson strives to be indispensable as a company and to enjoy worldwide trust because of its
commitment to openness, customer satisfaction and sustainability. Epson respects individuality
while encouraging teamwork at the same time. Epson is fully committed to delivering unique
added value through innovative and creative solutions.



Our newest partner is the scanner solution is Epson. The Workforce DS-360W is a wireless scanner with an automatic document feeder. There is a great demand for a scanner that increases functionality and convenience for the driver. In order to offer a complete range and each scanner has its own functionalities, we have added Epson to our scanner selection.

Workforce DS-360W

The Epson Workfoce DS-360W is a compact wireless scanner and works via WIFI. The DS-360W is multifunctional and has a built-in document feeder for 20 sheets. The scanner can scan different formats: envelopes, tank receipts, CMR documents, business cards and identity cards. With the fast, flexible and powerful file conversion module, every document type can be converted to PDF-files. The built-in battery and only 1,3 kilos it is an ideal scanner on the go.


The Epson DS-360W is integrated with ATX, headless, TomTom Pro 8, Rietveld’s Garmin and can be used as a standalone app. Cables are not necessary to be able to scan while traveling, only for charging the scanner.

Tconsult supplies all products for the total solution. From application subscription to the Epson DS-360W and associated cables and protective bracket. For all possibilities and prices you can contact one of our employees.