Wie is Fujitsu ?

Fujitsu is a global supplier of dynamic IT infrastructures. Fujitsu offers a one-stop-shop with
standardized products and services for desktop and datacentre environments and work
with local focus as a total solution to customers.



Tconsult has, after inventory with the customer, decided to add a Wi-Fi scanner to the product range for integration with Scangaroo. If the scanner and on-board computer are too far apart of each other, the cable must be longer. The longer the cable is, the longer the duration for all data to transfer. For some customers it was desirable to connect a Wi-Fi scanner. The other advantage is that fewer cables are needed in the truck and you can easily move the scanner inside and outside the car.

ScanSnap iX100

The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 is a compact wireless scanner and works via WiFi. The processor automatically detects available WIFI networks and makes the connection itself. The iX 100 integral GI processor ensures that images are already optimized in the scanner so that the scanner only needs 5.2 seconds per page to process. The scanner also works as a wireless access point (WAP) for smart devices. With the Built-in lithium-ion battery of the ScanSnap iX100, 260 scans can be made at one charging cycle. With only 400 grams, the iX 100 is light enough for easy transport.


The ScanSnap iX100 is integrated with the TomTom Pro 8 and Garmin on-board computer drom Rietveld and standalone. Cables are not necessary to be able to scan while traveling, only for charging the scanner.

Tconsult supplies all products for the total solution. From application subscription to the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 and associate adapters and protective bracket. For all possibilities and prices you can contact one of our employees.